What can I do for you?

Did you spend most of today putting out the fires of yesterday rather than looking to the future?

Many business owners simply don’t have the bandwidth or resources to implement successful lead generating activities. The day to day running of your business always takes priority over more distant objectives, such as focusing on generating new customers.

With over 25 years of business development experience, I can work with you to implement digital marketing activities that will bring the new customers you need to grow your business.


Build relationships with new customers

People rarely buy from businesses they know nothing about. I implement a tried and tested approach to communicating and building trust with prospective customers and then build you automated processes so that your leads get what they want when they want and only the hottest leads get passed through for action, saving time and increasing your lead conversion rate.


Create Value

I provide you with the skills to help create relevant content the new customers see value in consuming. Much of this content probably already sits in your business and just needs teasing out and repurposing.


Identify new customers

Digital marketing provides your business with the ability to target new customers like never before. I will research your prospective customers including what they like, where they visit, who they follow and advise which media platforms best address these groups and can even build custom audiences that look like your existing customers, extending the reach of your brand considerably.


Achieve Conversions

Anyone that has tried Facebook ads in the past and failed to get results probably failed because they took the same approach as using other PPC platforms like Google Adwords. This also applies to many of the other social media advertising platforms

What many people fail to realise is that a Facebook user isn’t looking for your product or service and your advert that shows up can be an irritation or disruption. My approach works because I develop them around delivering value, not selling something directly. By building trust and delivering value I expose your brand to your target audience in a way that they feel comfortable engaging with you.


Deliver outsourced marketing services

My approach is a one to one relationship that delivers the specific needs of your business.

After an initial project, some clients find that they want to push forward with their lead generating activities but don’t have the time and contract me a ‘part time’ marketer for their business. Be it writing blog posts, creating call to action content, email marketing or website development i have a breadth of experience to both develop strategic ideas and ensure tactical delivery of the plans

Working closely and consistently with you over time ensures you get the maximum ROI on your marketing spend.

Want to find out more or see if we are a good fit? Schedule a call for a no obligation discussion.